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Designs prepared by Trasko-Stal are made by a team of experienced designers – constructors. We perform building designs, detailed and shop structural designs, as well as the cladding designs. Thanks to the cutting edge software (ROBOT, BOCAD, AutoCad) used by our designers, we can meet even the most demanding customer’s needs. Making 3D models enables us to optimize the structure weight and thus lower the investment price.

Building design

This design is necessary for obtaining the construction permit within the scope agreed with the investor, scope of the specificity and characteristics of the building and complexity of erection works.

Scope of building structural design:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents of the building design
  • Technical description
  • Assumptions regarding static calculations
  • Technical drawings (mainly diagrams)
  • Declaration on conformity of the design with regulations and technical knowledge.
  • Signatures of designer and auditor (in cases where the design should be verified) holding valid building licences, and certifications issued by a proper authority.

The structural building design specifies:

  • the layout of a building,
  • required structural diagrams (static),
  • assumptions regarding structural calculations, including load calculations and basic results in the form of structural and material solutions (specification of cross-sections of a structure),
  • geotechnical category of the building, conditions and methods of setting the building depending on needs, results of geological and engineering calculations.

Detailed design

Technical documentation forming the basis for preparing the shop design without the need to perform any additional calculations

Scope of the structural detailed design:

  • All data included in the building design
  • Supplementation of the joints statics with drawings or plans
  • All information required to prepare the shop design

Shop design

The technical documentation prepared based on the detailed design, which is needed to manufacture a steel construction.

Scope of the structural shop design:

  • Supplementation of the assembly diagrams with the drawings of shipped elements
  • Information on dimensioning, positioning and description of the structure details
  • Detailed lists of steel elements
  • List of shipped elements
  • All data required to manufacture the construction

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