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Plate girders

Trasko-Stal hidden arc welding lines are ideally suited to perform long, linear weld seams on unalloyed and low-alloy steel elements in the horizontal position. These lines allow welding IKS and HKS type I-bars, as well as other profiles, according to individual needs. All machines are operated by personnel holding necessary licences as required by the PN-EN 1418 standard.

Our technical possibilites:

  • plate girder welding at automated welding lines providing deep welding of emin=3mm, i.e. high quality of performance and duration,
  • workshop joints are acceptable with Designer’s consent,
  • fillet weld from 3mm to 10mm,
  • manual covered electrode arc welding (111),
  • active gas arc welding with consumable electrode, MAG welding (135),
  • submerged arc welding (121),
  • stud welding (783)
  • welding of I-sections with convergent web – convergence up to 7 levels,
  • band width from 50mm to 690mm,
  • element height from 280mm to 2000mm,
  • it is possible to weld elements of varied band thickness and with webs in one element;
  • plate girder welding with one-sided to DIN 18800-7 (max. web thickness = 8 mm)

We offer:

  • manufacture of I-sections as per ordering party’s documentation,
  • prefabrication of steel structure elements made of contractor’s material,
  • cleaning steel structure elements down to cleanness level SA 2.5 pursuant to PN ISO 8501-1:1996 standard,
  • the condition of manufacture and collection of steel structure elements pursuant to PN-B 06200:2002;

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